Why the Direct Sales Home Party Plan is an Effective Business Model

 If you are here reading this it may be because you are involved in a Direct Sales  Home-Based  MLM/Network Marketing business or you are looking to start up one of those types of businesses. You may have heard some people on the internet saying that home parties are a waste of time, let me clear this up for you. It is effective to build your  home-based business online and this is done by recruiting then converting those people to offline and doing in home presentation. This is done because you want to tap into those people’s list of friends and family. These are people who you may have never come into contact with and they have a relationship with the host of the in home party. So how did home parties come about?

The Birth of Home Parties

The birth of the home party industry was started in the 1930s. Stanley Home Products sold their wares through door-to-door salesmen. However, one customer invited guests over to her house when one of the salesmen visited. This salesman became very successful by presenting his products to several women at one time. The company realized the benefit of this type of business model and converted their sales force to home party selling. After World War II, more companies began to emulate this form of selling and the industry eventually expanded to the billion dollar industry we have today.

Why Does the Home Party Business Model Work?

Since direct sales and home party businesses have existed for many years and have produced so many successful companies, the model has stood the test of time and is a proven money-maker.

Though it takes discipline, effort, perseverance and a dedication to marketing, the home party plan business is an enjoyable way to earn money. The ability to be your own boss, set your own pace, and work in a fun and casual environment, makes this the perfect business model for many entrepreneurs.

 How to set up an effective Morinda Bioactive Home Party

1-Before In Home PARTY 
         3-way all invited guest with expert /Business Partner
         Keep it casual (no structured seating)
         NEVER brief before the In Home Party
         Have light up beat jazz playing
         Introduce your guess
         COVER refreshments until After In Home Party is over
         Ask if they need a break
         Arrange for White Board, Markers, and Eraser
2 - During the Home PARTY 
         No music or television
         Play Team - (don’t overdo it)
         PLEASE NO in & out or up & down
         PLEASE NO talking
         Pass out LOAs and Rep. Agreements
3 - After Home PARTY
         Ask if guest is a 1 - 2 - 3
         Sign up excited guest
         Promote for next briefing and Training
         Save the major close for office briefing
         Serve ONLY Chips and Sprite
This is affordable and Sprite will not stain if spilled in an area where there is expensive furniture etc.

Video Presentation On How To Effectively Do A Morinda Presentation

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